board of directors

Who We Are...

The Board of Directors for the San Benito Oriana Chorale consists of individuals who are responsible for overseeing the organization's activities and to ensure that choir has the resources to function.   In many cases, these board members are also singers in the choir who have committed their own time to ensure that the Oriana Chorale remains an active part of the Hollister community.

Board members meet periodically to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization.

Current Board Members for the 2019/2020 seasons are...

  • President -- Kozean Wright
  • Vice-President -- Scott Flaherty
  • Treasurer -- Court Nichols
  • Secretary- Andrea Snyder
  • Board Member -- Christine Tarnai-Hammer
  • Board Member -- Joe McMahon
  • Board Member -- Gary Martin
  • Board Member -- Laurie Venturini
  • Board Member -- Anna Berger
  • Board Member -- Shirley Murphy

Learn More

Interested?   Speak to any board member for more information on how you can help!