San Benito Oriana Chorale

Members Page

Oriana Chorale is always accepting new members.
Don't be shy!

All voices are welcome!
Soprano (High Female Voice)
Alto (Low Female Voice)
Tenor (High Male Voice)
Bass (Low Male Voice)
** Don't know?  Try us out and find your voice! **

We do not have try outs, but we do expect that all singers have had some vocal experience .  Even if you haven't sung in ages, this choir will get your voice back into shape in no time! 

Our rehearsals are at 7:15 p.m., at the Christ Fellowship Church, 2066 San Benito Street, Hollister.   The membership fee is $75, which includes music. 

High School and college students are encouraged to join the chorale, and his/her membership fee is only $25. (Scholarships are available for all ages.) 

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